Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera

12 Music Videos :: One Epic Story


A mystical tale of Divine providence, shattered dreams, and resilient transformation, drawing from Hasidic legend and refracted through the lens of one family's existential struggle and triumph of spirit. A symphonic journey exploring the mystery of Judaism and the meaning of life.


Composed, Written, & Directed by Aryeh Shalom*

Single Jewish Father. Community Organizer. Singer/Songwriter.


Music Production :: Barrie Maguire - 

(Amos Lee, Natalie Merchant, The Wallflowers) 

Cinematography :: Shaia Erlbaum

A Visual Album Produced by Old City Theatre


*Aryeh Shalom is a scion of the Israelite tribe of Levi; traditionally known to be priests, teachers, singers, musicians, & guardians of the Temple in Jerusalem. He is a direct descendent, on his mother’s side, of Aaron HaKohen: Moses's brother, ambassador, & High Priest of Israel. Aryeh is a Co-Founder & Creative / Social Arts Director of The Chevra social club in Philadelphia. But most importantly, he is the proud single father of three amazing girls. 

Exile And Redemption: A Neo-Hasidic Rock Opera By Aryeh Shalom